When the development team makes changes they are submitted to the code repository.

Code is then deployed in a test environment for unit testing.

If the tests pass, we deploy the code to the live servers.

Our products are written in PHP. We use MySQL for the database ( owned by Oracle ).

We utilize Javascript and HTML 5 – so modern browsers are required with Javascript turned on.

Customers can only connect to our products after their IP addresses have been white listed and assigned to their account. Customer A’s IP addresses are added to Customer’s A account. They cannot access Customer B’s account even if they had all their login information.

Two factor authentication is available to those customers that further their security.

All of our servers have full disk encryption. An encryption key is required when they are powered on. That key is stored in a encrypted file and only designated people have that security file.

The servers can only be administered from designated IP addresses and designated team members. All connections are done through encrypted channels ( SSL, SSH, etc. )

A deny all firewall policy is used to minimize risk.

Our servers are powered by the CentOS running on top of a redundant VMware infrastructure with EMC storage.

Facilities feature redundant electrical systems, often are positioned on redundant power grids, and feature generators backed with enterprise-class UPS technology. N+2

Facilities feature industry-leading technologies for maintaining optimal operating environmental control. This includes cooling and humidity control to maintain optimal operations

Facilities feature a wide range of advanced security measures, including security guards, biometric access control, man-traps, closed-circuit television, access control systems, locking cabinets, and more.

Its a website ( www.cfpbalerts.com ) where you can monitor for complaints in the CFPB database. You choose which companies you will like to monitor and if there is a match you will be alerted.

The product is free and is available to everyone.

More information can be found by visiting www.cfpbalerts.com

Resulv is the compliance management tool that will allow you to deliver complete transparent compliance to all of your clients with one click of a button. Resulv offers one place to manage all of your consumer complaints, disputes, lawsuits, and regulatory compliance.

More information can be found by clicking HERE. ( todo: link to the resulv product page )