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Managing your compliance on spreadsheets has become a thing of the past.

Resulv is the compliance management tool that will allow you to deliver complete transparent compliance to all of your clients with one click of a button. Resulv offers one place to manage all of your consumer complaints, disputes, lawsuits, and regulatory compliance.

The ARM industry has changed. Compliance management is no longer an area that can be understaffed or underdeveloped. The regulatory bodies that watch over the ARM industry have mandated that we all take compliance more serious. Adding staff costs money.

Without the proper tools to manage your complaints, disputes and lawsuits you are left with 2 options. Either hire more people or underperform on compliance. It is our goal to be sure that if and when you receive a complaint, it is managed properly. Resulv is the gold standard in compliance management. Industry information

In 2012 the FTC received 125,136 consumer complaints.